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Are fizzy drinks bad for you ? - even the diet ones ?

Okay, Day 4, 

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't struggling to resist getting in the car and going to pick up a diet redbull right now... its a rare 30degrees in ireland, im hot and fed up of drinking a lot of water.. a nice cold fizzy drink would really hit the spot.

I havent quite managed to go cold turkey but so far I've cut back to 1 a day

So instead I'm going to try the scaremongering tactic and start looking into why soda - even diet soda is bad for us. 

Here are my findings...

So I dont think I need to go into why Full sugar drinks are bad for us - and luckily they're not my problem area... some of you will disagree with me and say but everything in moderation... Define moderation? The problem with moderation is the amount of sugar put into the likes of coke isnt done in 'moderation', so even your "moderate" 1 a week/1 a day/3 to 5 a week... isn't a moderate amount of sugar.. So I don't think I need to go any further about why its not healthy to drink 39grams of sugar... (yes that is just one can ) and this is again without mentioning the salts, acids and other chemicals they throw in there ..

But on to my own beast Diet Drinks....

  • Researchers have  found that drinking diet soda daily can triple the risk of stroke and dementia than those who don’t.... now that's scary food for thought...

  • You could be damaging your kidneys Study participants who drank 2 or more diet sodas per day had 30% less kidney blood filtering ability than those who drank regular sodas or other drinks. Read more about diet soda and kidneys on WebMD.

  • The FDA says that aspartame is safe in doses of 50mg per kilogram of body weight. Basically for a 165lb adult, that’s approximately 21 diet sodas which is a lot.... There was a study showing an increase of cancer in rat given a high dose of aspartame. I read this was in the neighborhood of 8 to over 2000 cans of diet soda per day, which is obviously excessive but worth considering that there is some margin of issue here....

  • Not can sodas stain your teeth, but they destroy the materials that form your teeth. In one study Slices of enamel were placed in Coke and other sodas for 48 hours, which lead to a 5% weightloss in the enamel. 

  • And now for the big one... Caffeine I feel i should be Hyper-aware of this one given my struggles to sleep at night but denial is a heavy burden. There is a lot of conflicting information on caffeine, you might not be aware it is considered a psychoactive drug..... and we cant deny it affects sleep... Caffeine prevents drowsiness by (i) blocking the effects of hormones serotonin and melatonin and (ii) blocking adenosine receptors (sleep-inducers) from being bound so even when you do  get assleep its preventing that deep sleep that allows you to feel fully rested, thus you get up again the next morning not feeling the best and reach for the caffeine again.. and the cycle continues.. Some diet drinks are laced with the stuff and a lot of people arent actually aware of this.. One of the major differences in labeling that I noticed between Ireland and the USA is that the USA is much better at displaying caffeine content. Where as in ireland you're left to google it if you really want to know what caffeine is in your drink - and most of us dont because we assume its a pretty negligable amount. But take for example pepsi max...  it contains 42.6mg per 12 ounce (355ml) can. Take into consideration an average shot of starbucks espresso has 89mg of caffeine and thats kinda scary..

So theres some of the more interesting facts re diet sodas.. Is it enough to go fully cold turkey ... I'd love to say yes.. but the cravings I've experienced tell me otherwise.. so for now its down to 1 a day. Moving on to every second day and gradually off. Unfortunatly when I tried to go cold turkey I found myself reaching for the naughtier foods.. So its a balancing act of both. I wont be giving in to the food! So the Sodas will just have to follow ..

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