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August Goals.

Yes, it’s the third of August!  

Does that mean it’s too late to start smashing some serious August goals ? 100% not! 

I think a lot of people miss out of goals because they don’t concrete them in by writing them down or putting them out there!!  

So! August goals - for me they’re mostly Non scales, I’ll admit it, I’ve struggled since I got back from the states. Mental health can have a massive impact on how you handle yourself. And I’ve been in a flunk, trying to make decisions, it’s a lot and although I didn’t gain any weight I didn’t lose anything serious either. 

However from experience I’ve come to believe you can’t get dietary and physical goals on track if your head isn’t in the right space. So my focus is on non scales goals with the idea the scales will follow.  

  1. Yoga - everyday I recently started yoga and I honestly underestimated it as an exercise... honestly I felt it was a bit like golf in terms of it not really being a ‘real’ sport - I apologise I did a HIT - Yoga fusion and afterwards I lay their with the greatest sense of being alive but relaxed, having exercised but not feeling exhausted it was beautiful! So for August this is every day - I can’t wait to see the benefits.  

  2. No Picking - this has been my July downfall it all started with cravings from giving up fizzy drinks ... I would pick at sweets while bagging them up in work... or taste test the breaded chicken I was cooking for work.. or a mozzarella dipper here... a pastry there! It wasn’t enough to make me gain weight but it has stopped ketosis and my energy levels have suffered. So August will be the month of definite meals within a 16:8 intermittent fasting schedule  

  3. 100 squats and 100 crunches daily, this is my minimum commitment no matter how hard of a day it’s been I’m doing these exercises as a challenge to myself.  

  4. Save Money - money is a stress topic for me and I really feel it’s affecting me physically and mentally, I spend a lot of money on flights due to my LDR, so now that they’re booked, this time I want to focus on putting away some permanent savings in the interim  

  5. Drink more water - I’ve slipped up I’m not hydrating as well as I used to so everyday will be a challenge to put away 3-4 litres minimum  

Scales goal ? To get half a stone (7 Lbs) off! It’s a lot but following these steps is definitely achievable 🤓 

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