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Baby it's cold ou- on air

I still think I need someone to come and pick my chin up off the ground after reading that baby it's cold outside has been pulled from some radio stations.

Let's talk political correctness.. Taking over.

The words " rape anthem" have been thrown around. RAPE ANTHEM.

At what point in the song does the woman say "no I don't want to stay" - she doesn't

" I Ought to say no " she talks about what she should do, because she's a good girl living in the 1940-50s. Girls who were not supposed to accept this kind of attention from men. Who aren't supposed to stay out late especially at a man's house.

" This evening has been.... So very nice " said no rape victim ever.

The girl wants to leave because of the fear of talk, the fear of a gossiping aunt, a worrying mother, an angry father.

"Get over that old out" - sure you could maybe say he's a bit insistent or impatient telling her to stay, but hes trying to tell her to get over these old opinions.

Now comparatively... How is this any worse to the array of modern day sex songs.. Shall I mention those eh "blurred lines"

"I know you want it"

"That's why I'm gon take a good girl "

Or what about the beloved, woman adoring Chris Brown..

"Just let me fuck you back to sleep girl, don't say a word no girl don't you talk "

"Fuck you to sleep, wake you up again, I go so deep, beat it up again"

"Baby, I'll show you the way that I sex you up, or I can lick you up and down 'til you say You love how I eat on that pussy,"

- yep he's going to do it until you say you love it! Sounds consensual to me..

I mean if you really want to ban rape culture maybe we should start with Greese?

Enter the Tbirds " Did she put up a fight? "

Like it's an acceptable thing for her to put up a fight? Like it's a normal question to ask?

Yet... I'm sure Greese will hit the screens multiple times this Christmas...

Yeah Ok those songs might reference rape... But In baby it's cold outside she asked what was in the drink! ****Enter crowd screaming "DATE RAPE 😵😵😵"*****


Have none of you ever tried to blame your shameful nights antics on the drink you had?no? Never said "God it must've been something in that drink. "

It's kind of second nature to think That was an embarrassing thing to do ... It must be the drink..

What's in your drink / what's in this drink has been a running joke For about as long as I know. And I've heard endless excuses for drunk antics that my friends are ashamed of, that were blamed on it... Myself included **reminisces fondly of singing don't stop believing and the lady is a tramp in a karaoke uber***

So yeah this good girl who's not supposed to be at a man's house so late is considering staying... She's asking what's in this drink as a way of acknowledging this isn't her normal behaviour.. It's jest..the overall song is a cheeky number about perhaps an inappropriate relationship.. But to me quite a consensual one. None of her excuses for wanting to leave have any merit bar to point out the inappropriate behaviour of staying

If We ban this song then where do we draw the line. Should Enrique stop taking taking command and saying "tonight I'm fucking you " is that not a bit forward? Maybe he should sing "tonight? May I fuck you? "

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