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Beating holiday bulge

Yep. Travel and holidays.  

We spend SO much time getting bikini ready... so we can.... Put the weight back on ? 

But you don’t have to put it back on ... a bikini is for life not just for a week Santorini...

Now some of you are going to say fuck that I don’t care if I gain weight on holidays I’m going in! - Great for you! (Skip this post) 

But some of you are going to be like myself and not want to deal with undoing all your hard work. And trust me I’ve been there. This gal has gone as far as gaining 11lbs in one week in Lisbon .. Yikes. 14lbs in a two week holiday - also yikes. So this time round going to California I promised this wouldn’t happen.  

And low and behold post holiday I’m down two pounds 🤞 

Heres my top tips on staying on track on holidays ( and still having fun ) 

  • Salads, if you’re getting bikini weather then you’re probably getting Salad weather it doesn’t have to be the healthiest salad going but even consciously making that choice could save you a few hundred calories! And make it an interesting salad! This trip was the first time I went to an Italian restaurant and didn’t have a pasta dish, I had a Jalepeno Steak salad and it was AMAZING. I felt full but not to the point of bursting. 

  • Act Celiac - no really, particularly in the USA most restaurants will lettuce wrap a burger for you instead of putting it in a bun - save the calories and ditch the carbs For me that equates to a Protein style 4x4 from In ‘N’ out. 

  • Do fun activities that don’t let you notice you’re doing exercise - the day we were in Disney we walked over 32000 steps! That’s a massive amount of calories burned... did it feel like I took that many steps? Absolutely not I was just buzzing to see Goofy and get on space mountain 😆 So go explore something! Or play tennis or do a bike tour instead of a bus one! 

  • Alcohol - welp I know I’m going to lose some of you at this one - it’s easy enough for me not to drink I just don’t really like it and the fear I go through the morning after is something else! But if we do go out as a group or anything I just do my best to stick to low carb spirits and mixers! - unless there’s a really tempting cocktail on the menu 😅 - the bigger killer with alcohol tho is more what we eat when drunk... I mean I could inhale a dominoes pizza drunk but struggle to share one sober! So if you do drink try the water and bed approach!  

  • HYDRATE - yes drink drink drink water water water!! It’s honestly amazing what just increasing water intake can do it gives your metabolism a helping hand and at the same time makes us feel full! Carry a reusable bottle and fill where possible! And keep some big bottles of it in your room! Especially if you’re in a country with particularly poor plumbing / water standards... Spain ... Brazil .. Portugal ... I’m not naming names or anything but... 

  • Eat because you’re hungry - really tho don’t eat because everybody else is! Or because something looks appeatising - wait until you’re hungry. If everybody is going out for breakfast but I just ate a Pizza at 2am and I’m slightly nauseous after that whiskey based pina colada then I’m quite happy to sit there and down some water! Don’t be afraid to get something small or not at all just because everybody else is!

  • Make sure your room has a fridge - then go out and buy some healthy snacks, fruit hummus veggies, protein bars anything you fancy! If you wake up hungry they’re the first thing at your disposal rather than wandering the hotel to find a vending machine with crisps or mNm’s That’ve probably been sitting there for months

  • Portion Control - Restaurants love to feed us big portions these days! (I guess they have to make the price look better somehow) So don’t be afraid of going into a place and just having a starter / appetisers, especially in a group where you can share a few different ones and mix and match! And when it comes to the entree don’t be afraid to leave some on the plate eat slowly so that you actually notice when you become full! Most places will let you ask for a box to bring some home! ( that’s tomorrows brunch sorted!!) 

  • Relax - yep! Unwind relax get some good nights sleep you are on vacation! Our bodies need time to unwind in order to repair. A lot of us don’t get enough sleep and it’s frequently been linked to not getting a good nights sleep! 

So those are some things I find work for me!! I would love to hear if anyone has any other success tips for losing weight / not gaining while on vacation! Feel free to drop them in the comments (:  

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