• Leanne M.

Brussel sprout and Bacon Roast (keto and gluten free)

My basic rule of thumb when it comes to so called 'diet' food is that it must not be boring espcially when it comes to brussel sprouts.. Brussel sprouts are one of those ones that caused arguments at the dinner table.. I mean i didn't really like any vegetables to begin with but brussel sprouts seemed like the worst. My boyfriend seemed to have a similiar history with the dreaded vegetable.. his reaction when I picked them up at the supermarket said it all.

"I don't like them"

- "yeah but what if I cook them in garlic and bacon and nice things "

"maybe but not likely"

We had to go back and get more brussel sprouts to repeat the recipe two days later.

We were converted.


•Olive Oil: enough to cover the base of your dish - for me this was about 4tbsp

•Brussel sprouts 455g / 1lb

•Streaky Bacon: 3 pieces

•Salt 1tsp

•Peppercorn 1tsp

•Garlic 2-3 cloves of minced garlic (I like me some roasted garlic so I actually put a whole bulb of garlic split into the individual cloves in the dish)

•Rosemary 1-2 tsp

•Parmesan (about a handful)


  1. Prep the brussel sprouts (cut the ends off and remove the outer leaves, the ones that just kinda fall off). 

  2. Prep the bacon ( I roughly cut the streaks into thirds)

  3. Mix the oil, minced garlic, salt and pepper in bowl

  4. Toss the Brussels, bacon and optional cloves of garlic into a roasting dish.

  5. Drizzle the oil mix over the sprouts and with a spoon toss the sprouts around in the oil so that they get a decent covering

  6. Sprinkle rosemary over the mix and put in a pre-heated oven at 210c/410f

  7. Cook for 35-40 minutes, sprinkle parmesan over the top and cook for a further 3-5 minutes.

You actually want to get a kind of charred effect on the outer leaves here the bitterness adds to the overall flavour.

Any kind of hot sauce is a great dipping option here! I went with a Chipotle mayo with chilli powder in it!

The recipe serves two people but would male an excellent side dish for 4 or so people!

Macro wise brussel sprouts are decently carby but a really good source of Carbs. Macros are done based on your eating half of this dish (:

Calories 295

Net Carbs 10g

Protein 15.8g

Fat 24g



Dont blame butter for what the bread did