• Leanne M.

Busy bee 🐝

I know I know I know I've been quiet!

So what's going on? Well there's two out of three pumpkins sitting in my Hall since the day after Halloween waiting to be diced and frozen.. That's how preoccupied I've been.

34 days until I sit my exams to finish up my course in gym instruction, personal training and strength and conditioning..

35 days until I fly out to california for Christmas - yes Christmas is getting that close.. But for the love of God please don't be one of those November Christmas tree people 🎄

Diet wise and exercise wise it hasn't been the greatest, thats kinda a given. Exercise has kinda become whatever I can fit in on my work break... And given there's only been one day where it hasn't rained this last week... That's consisted mostly of alexis rens ab workout and getting one run in. But that's life and sometimes you have to accept that at least you're still out lapping anybody whose sitting on their couch all day.

Diet has been better than the exercise.. Sticking with keto I guess a less healthy keto consisting of microwavable frankfurters and hitting macros through whatever means possible. - keto on the go segment incoming.

It's pretty much felt like a never ending run of studying, squeezing in conversations with my LD, stir frying cauliflower and not remembering how I fell asleep!

Aside from that I'm still recovering from a dose of the flu.. So energy levels aren't optimal! - not posting this as a sob story btw just more of this is where I've been lately 🤔 #chuggingcaffeine

There's definitely been a lot of coffee and caffeine in other forms.. Yeah it's been bad

World's most exciting calendar huh? I don't know why I wrote off for that Sunday instead of just " LAUNDRY DAY" - and lemme tell you laundry day comes around pretty quick when you're still replacing a wardrobe after weight loss 😂

Anyway provided I do my assignment for next week much quicker than this one... I will be back posting a tonne of recipes I've played with and not shared with yall 😋



Dont blame butter for what the bread did