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Cheat meals (le gasp)

Caution this post contains traces of Carbs 🧐 #legasp

Let’s talk about cheat meals,

Honestly ?  It’s down to the individual!

Personally ? I really struggle with cheat meals. When I’m on the Keto wagon I’m 100% focused blinkers, tunnel vision doing it.

When I have a cheat meal... god ... hah. It takes me a LOT to get back on track - I mean it’s previously taken me a month to recover after a holiday 😅

I really struggle once I take that first bite...

However the longer I’ve been on Keto the better I’ve found I’ve got at handling my cheat days... and I think the quality of the cheat meal has a lot to do with it.

Because to me a cheat meal used to be .. a pizza , chips ice cream cookies ... and hell while we’re having a cheat meal there’s no point in salvaging the rest of the day.. so yeah I’ll have a glass of wine please waiter 🙋‍♀️

As my lifestyle has changed cheat meals have become one of two things - only going somewhere that tells you the caloric and nutritional break down... or going for something that’s a cheat but still nutritionally decent .. like good Thai food or going out for breakfast - in Wexford my favourite go to place is Mi Street Food all their food has no msgs and 100% Irish beef - they’re awesome!! Really fresh tasting ingredients so if you’re in Wexford definitely give them a try, they’ve lots of gluten free and meat free options too for anybody who’s looking for that they’re super flexible with their dishes! Definitely better than dominos or a spice bag 💪

Cheat meals are needed once in a while to unwind, and it’s always nice to have a good meal with friends or family, And just sit back and enjoy their company... 

What would I avoid when it comes to cheat meals ?   - treating it as a reward. 

Food should never be a reward. In the same way as it should never be a comfort food 

(both of these reasons are an equally bad reason to eat something) why ? You’re giving food an emotion. Suddenly you feel happy so you should have KFC! And that’s not the way it should work.  

Reward yourself with a nice bath... or getting your nails done, taking an evening out to sit down and play fortnight or whatever your equivalent is to this! Not food!  

Also check out this awesome Pad Kee Mao from Mi asian street food last night! Beef and rice noodles for the win!!

Now today it’s back to the grindstone  

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