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Cheese crisps

This is a really simple recipe - anybody can bake cheese I promise you this! These are so quick and easy to make - perfect for that late night I NEED A SNACK NOW K THANKS feeling.

I have done these with a few different cheeses - Smoked Gouda, always a favourite, Asiago parmasan and cheddar. 

Personally I've found the harder the cheese the better the chip it will make. 


  • Cheese of your choice - grated

  • Spices of your choice - personally i go for paprika, garlic or cayanne

  • Jalepenos (optional)

  • Cooked bacon (optional) 


  1. Preheat your oven to 200 degrees celsius

  2. Place your grated cheese in heaps - roughly 1 tablespoon per heap

  3. Add on your spices /seasoning

  4. Optional jalepenos or bacon on top

  5. Into the oven - i cook these on a silicon mat but greese proof paper should do the trick

  6. Cook for about 5- 6 minutes and then start watching them closely! - some cheeses will cook faster than others,  I find gouda the quickest, you want them to have melted but not going brown as it makes them bitter, one of the best ways to tell is when the bubbly ness in the cheese slows down

  7. Take them out and scoop them onto a plate to leave settle!

All done! I told you this was a quick and easy one! You can get creative with these I have a mini doughnut silicon mold which cooks perfect ring chips - these are super cheap on ebay/ in china and make them look like proper onion ring chips

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