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Updated: Oct 10, 2018

Something I discovered this week by chance, -it’s easy to become complacent when you’re on a fitness or health  journey.. whether it’s tracking Macros or your workouts it’s easy to get into routine.. and I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. But What I discovered this week is that it’s easy to get into a habit, you get used to cycling 20-30km and think oh god I must be getting so fit.. 

That was me! I had gotten used to doing my set exercises - cycling / an hour walk/run / crunches and different leg exercises and I thought god I must be getting so fit. So when a good friend asked if I wanted to go to TRX for a change I thought why not! Half an hour into the red route and I was in agony flipping over tractor tires (waaaayyy heavier than they look) but I battled it out to the end. I was buzzing agreed to go again the next day because hey I felt awesome!!!!

Fast forward 24 hours and I feel crippled - not in any one specific area but my whole body. but I soldiered on and did the second class because I had realised if I’m sore these muscles aren’t getting the work they need so here on out cycling alone isn’t good enough I’m going to be mixing it up! Lesson learned!

Dont get stuck in a rythem! This is something I’ve discovered before with things like counting calories / carbs / macros - I’ll get into a habit and stop tracking .. then randomly open MyFitnessPal and track for a day and realise my 25grams of carbs have slipped up to 60grams! So if things aren’t going the direction you want on the measurements or scales or jeans fit don’t be afraid to stop and regroup! 

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