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Emotional eating - why i award myself with a hot bath

When I first started trying to lose weight I followed the slimming world method. 

Here's one thing I noticed - Life quickly became about eating nothing all day until I weighed in and then eating all the bad crap I could manage that night after weigh in. I was rewarding myself with food when I did well... And comforting myself with food when I did bad. 

It wasn't until months after this that I realised food shouldn't be a reward. Nor was it a great anti depressant. 

My greatest problem with food was giving it emotions. And here I was going to slimming world and still I wasn't learning anything valuable about food. Still binging the only difference being I went up and down the same 13 pounds a couple of times. 

Eating keto / low carb solved that for me. Because suddenly eating crap or having that binge had a consequence. I could be knocked out of ketosis. The longer I stayed keto the less I wanted crap. I would wander into a shop craving something bad... Look at all the sweets and chocolate until I decided none of it actually appealed to me.. Before leaving with a block of cheese or coffee. 

But still I had this empty slot where I felt I needed a reward.  

Then I rediscovered bath bombs. I was sore and went for a hot bath one night. Decided to use up a bath bomb from Christmas and well, a new reward was born. Then I discovered  Cherry bomb had opened up on the main street of wexford and well the rest is sparkly soft skin history. 

Baths are a great way to relax. Think about the day. Blog. To treat yourself. So whether it's been a bad they and I want to chill out or I've achieved something great. I now have my reward without food.  

So trust me. Mondays are bad enough without allowing them to make you fat. So instead of stopping at the deli counter or mcdonalds.  Get your nails done. Have a bath Bring the dog for a walk. Sit and watch the ocean. Find your thing that let's you relax and run with it.  

For me eating poorly Is reserved purely  for a night out with friends or family where you should go out, chat and enjoy the moment not panicking about what's on the menu or who's looking at you eat ( cause lemme tell you irish restaurants are not keto friendly the way American ones are ) and then you get up the next day fry an egg and some bacon and get right back on top of things! 

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