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Fat shaming Vrs Endorsing obesity - Let's talk about that cosmopolitan cover

I've always felt there's a fine line here. 

But for me it all comes down to promoting a healthy body image. 

And I'm gonna be frank here but to me?  

I'm sorry but Neither of these girls are promoting a healthy or natural body image. 

The only difference is one of them is less likely to run into health problems from obesity.. but I still don’t believe that kind of skinny is an ideal goal for the young girls that look up to these magazines  

I've seen so much mixed comments about this cosmopolitan cover. I mean yeah it's great the girl has confidence.. 

So this girl is 5'5 so like half an inch taller than me and weighs in around 300lbs. 

At my biggest I was about 250lbs. And I could never have told or encouraged another person that this was a good size to be. I had higher blood pressure, no energy - I couldn't get to sleep at night or get up in the morning.. I couldn't explore the way I wanted to on holidays because my fitness levels held me back. I was on a one way ticket to massive health problems. 

This girl might have body confidence. But that's not healthy.  

We are constantly talking about how unhealthy the cover models are on these magazines.

Encouraging girls that aspiring to be like them or to be that skinny is unhealthy.

So Why should an overweight model be praised anymore than an underweight one. The model herself - Tess has replied to a lot of the critisism by saying

What Tess forgets is that the cover of a glossy magazine does impact lives. Young girls idolise some of these magazines. So yes it impacts them. It Impacts what they think is ok. 

These magazines want to promote body positivity? - maybe start promoting what's normal, women of all different shapes..  a pear or apple shaped woman, a woman with a bit of muscle or who looks healthy. Show girls that healthy comes in all shapes and sizes. But don't show them it's OK to aspire to look like airbrushed skinny Taylor Swift or an airbrushed obese Tess Holiday. 

As ive said.. Neither of these look healthy.  I could argue that the girl on the left is less likely to run into health problems but that's pretty much where I draw the line And we shouldn't be encouraging people to look like either. 

I would never encourage anybody to look like me at my biggest. The reason I blog and share so much is because I want people to know it's possible to change. These Magazines should have a duty of care to promote healthy body image.... And this isn't it. There's a difference between posting a curvier model and posting  someone who's unhealthy. 

If company’s want to promote healthy body image then this is what they should be going for ( dove not Victoria’s Secret ) 

Tess is beautiful, and I get the shes there to show the world you can have fat and still have it all.. Relationships, family etc.. But it would be nice for her to be less defensive and instead of justifying her size share what she does to try stay healthy in a larger body.  

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