• Leanne M.

Home is where you hang your heart

I’m sure like many others in long distance relationships... I’m not alone in not quite understanding where home is.  

I cry leaving Ireland 

I cry leaving California.  

What does it come down to... which place is harder to leave. 

Which place makes you cry mostly because of an underlying nervousness of flying and saying goodbyes.  

And which place breaks your heart just a little to leave.  

Is it ok for that place to not be our “Home” 

Is home where we grow up?  

Is home a person?  

Is home a feeling?  

How do we define home? Does it differ person to person ?  

Currently I’m technically  “home” but yet I feel homesick. 

The water pressure’s wrong in the shower. The allergies are driving my face crazy.. im hardly sleeping for unknown reasons which maybe just come down to avoiding confronting the empty side of my bed. 

What am I getting at here? - That maybe it’s ok to accept that home for some of us might be a foreign country. That maybe it might be another person.  

Next step. Tackling the mental reprocussions of homesickness  

and then... well the American Visa process is horrific. 😅 

Follow your hearts❤️ 

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