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I fell off the wagon (quitting sodas)

So last week I announced my intention to quit drinking Fizzy drinks / sodas ... I started off ok but the cravings really got to me.. I decided to try alternate days off soda.. but found I kept reaching for sweet things in their place ..

First off I said ok I don’t mind being less strict on my low carb eating if ultimately I can give up sodas completely. I know how to draw the line on eating crap...  

Turns out I’m not as strong as I thought I was... the little bits of sweets and treats added up and by Monday I was overindulging in both soda and bad food. 

Now I could blame the hot weather  

I could blame it on being in a poor mood post Ldr visit..  

But the truth is these are no excuses. Food is not a reward or an anti depressant. It won’t fix a heatwave or a blizzard. 

You eat or drink because you want to eat or drink.  

So after giving myself a good kick up the arse and a pep talk. We’re starting fresh. Today. Yes Wednesday is as good as any day to start a new leaf. No need to wait for Monday, new year or a new month. Just start.  

To help get back on track I’ve made my “Do not eat list”, 

Above are the foods I’ve struggled with 😅 I can honestly say eating them has made my stomach so sick and physically I’ve just felt drained.. it just goes to show it’s not worth it!


So this morning I got up with the plan of going cold turkey fr fr. And Day 1 has been all good .. 

4L of water drank and 1 can of sparkling stevia pineapple flavour water 😋 


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