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I'll never gain weight I dunno how anybody lets themselves go like that

The honest opinions of my 18 year old self ^^^^

This is going to be an unusual before and after in that first ill show you what I looked like before I gained weight and then when I gained....

SO there you have it. The thing is in that first photo I truly thought I was massive then. And for me personally I feel distorted sense of body size is what allowed me to gain weight. Because I assumed it was still me seeing me as bigger than I was.

If I'm truly honest this photo doesn't even show how big I had got. Because frankly there was a time when I wouldn't look in mirrors or let anybody take a picture of me. I was mortified by how big I had gotten.

So what did I do ? - I tried every fad diet out there, slimming world weight watchers the lot. One Brand of shakes even made me feel sick. And most of them, i lost 7 - 8 pounds the first week. FAB. "YOU DID SO WELL" then maybe two pounds the next week "CONGRATS SHARE WITH THE GROUP HOW YOU DID IT" and then the faithful third week. "Oh your up five pounds, but sure look the important thing is you came to class anyway" - Money making, one of the main principles in the health and fitness industry - people making money. Because you see, none of those plans are tailored for an individual. Susan down the road might have lost three stone on slimming world. But Maybe all Susan had to do was stop drinking wine. Everybody is different.

But for me the turning point was nearly a year into my yo-yo journey, My boyfriend started loosing weight, and jealousy does wonders. The Keto diet. It required no weekly sign up. You work out your macros based on your current size and goals.. and from there you basically stop putting crap in your body. I started to feel great, but i missed pizza and crisps and other junk food, and that is what led me to experimenting to make pizza and other Fake - aways with low carb ingredients. I started drinking organo coffee, and felt even better, which lead to me just loving black coffee.. -

To date I've lost 4stone /56lbs/25kg

And I aim to lost at least 3/4 of that again. If you're here I hope you'll follow the rest of the journey with me, as well as enjoying some of the recipes as we go.

Progress pics to date vvv

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Dont blame butter for what the bread did