• Leanne M.

I'm not loosing weight - and that's OK

I've been on a plateau now for about a month.

Everyday I see people commenting and posting in weight loss groups saying they can't lose weight etc and they get really hung up and upset about it after a few days of not loosing.

And I always say the same, if you're exercising and eating the way you're supposed to be.. Your body will catch up when it's ready.

Me? I lost the bones of 100lbs in a year... And most of that in the second half of the year... Id like to lose another 14ish but it's proving to be difficult... The way I see it is my body has gone through a huge change and it's not quite ready to lose that fat yet, and here's the bigger thing, the number is just a number.. People still tell me I'm loosing weight, some tell me not to lose anymore, and some days I do see subtle differences..

Bodies are complicated things - trust me I've studied the anatomy and physiology book for personal training - it's complicated!! Do right by your body and the rewards will come! Measure and take pics they're some of the greatest forms of measurement!

Don't get hung up on fat testing - it's extremely inaccurate.. I've held some of that equipment and gained 3% of fat within doing readings 1 minute apart...

Don't get hung up on the Scales... There's one tile in my bathroom that the scales weighs you 3lbs lighter on...

If you drink 3L of water before you stand on it you're going to be heavier..

I'm telling you this because it's normal to stall, it's normal to struggle and to feel like you're doing no better. Just remember it's a small part of the bigger journey!

If I had given up during every plateau I had this year? I'd never have gotten to my current weight.

So chin up buttercups 🌼



Dont blame butter for what the bread did