• Leanne M.

I Quit Soda

I think I’m officially far enough along to say I’ve quit sodas. So much in that I was able to go to a concert and have two diet cokes .. and get up the next day and just go back to water.  

Yes my strict Keto has been off track. But tomorrow I’m going back to my strict 20gram net carbs.  

And no fizzy drinks.  

I feel like then I’ll be starting the final leg of the weight loss element of my fitness journey.  

Giving up Soda has without a doubt stunted my weight loss. I haven’t gained but I haven’t lost, and I’ll put that purely down to picking at carbier foods and snacks. 

My best tips for giving up Sodas would definitely be 

  • Have good Painkillers handy  - seriously the withdrawal headaches are not pretty. I got them the first and second days. The third day I felt like a kinda dull ache and pretty fatigued and after that I felt great 

  • Water enhancers preferably stevia based ones! I buy Stur drinks online here they’re great and naturally based so you’re not adding any nasties to your water, but still getting some flavour to kick a craving! 

  • Try Natural Teas! I love Runa! It’s  got a really nice energy boost but without the jitters of coffee  

Its hard at first but well worth it for the health benefits (: 

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