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Italian Knots

Another Fathead inspired recipe..

So Its the fathead dough again, I just can't help it it's too flexible..

The Base Ingredients 

  • 165grams mozzarella

  • 36grams (Herb optional but preffered) softcheese

  • 40grams Coconut Flour

  • 1 egg

  • Seasonings of your choice - I go for an Italian mix, Oregano, thyme, rosemary, Basil, marjoram and garlic (about a half teaspoon of each.. However I tend to go over on the garlic)  -these really are done to your taste

The Base Method

  1. Put the Mozzarella, Coconut flour and soft cheese into a microwavable bowl and mix.

  2. Microwave for a little over a minute

  3. Mix around, put back in the microwave for another 30 secs

  4. Add the egg and seasoning to the bowl

  5. Mix and fold well until the egg is no longer separated from the mixture.

  6. Roll out into long thin sausage like shapes  

  7. Fold into knots - I went with a pretzel style but be as fancy or boring as you like  

  8.  (optional) rub garlic butter onto the tops of pretzels 

  9. Sprinkle with minced garlic, finely grated /blitzed parmesan  and rosemary  

  10. Cook at 220c for 10-12 mins or until a nice golden brown  

  11. (Optional)  drizzle truffle oil over the tops 

Macros -based on dividing into 12 -don't worry if you don't get twelve out of it! They can be finicky - multiply these Macros by 12 and divide by the number that you made (: 

  • Calories: 95

  • Fat 6.5g

  • Carbs (net) 1.1g

  • Protein  6.6g

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