• Leanne M.

Korean Spice Bowl


•1/2 red chilli  

•Cauliflower rice (amount totally depends on how hungry you are so eyeball that)  

•Chicken, same amount as Cauliflower

•1 Scallion  / spring onion 

• 1-2 Cloves of garlic  

• Chilli Flakes (optional)  

•Soya sauce (your preference on darkness) 

•Avacado oil  

•Brown Rice Vinegar  

•Seseme oil  

•Spinach (eyeball it I go for about a handful) 

•Beansprouts (same as spinach)  


1) Cook your chicken! - one thing I don’t really like doing is cooking in chicken I get super paranoid.. so I always tend to carry cooked chicken strips in the freezer than I can do anything with! So if your cooking from fresh, stir fry your chicken in the avacado oil - ensure it’s piping hot and has no pink bits!  

2) Once chicken is pretty much cooked add in your garlic clove, spring onion and 2/3 of the chilli  - if using you can also add your chilli flakes at this stage! Turn down heat while you work on the rest! 

3) Throw the cauliflower rice into the microwave for about 3 minutes  

4) While your rice is cooking grab your bean sprouts and spinach are throw them under boiling water to blanch them! Literally just getting these warm/until the spinach wilts! Drain any excess water and throw into a bowl! 

5) Drizzle a dash of soya sauce over the chicken still in the wok and another dash over your veg! 

6) Drizzle a teaspoon of seseme oil over the veg also!  

7) Throw your cauliflower rice in on top of the veg and sprinkle some of the brown rice vinegar across it!  

8) Add your chicken, drizzle just a bit more rice vinegar and garnish with the rest of your chilli! 


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