• Leanne M.

McDonald's - ordering keto in Ireland

I often find the easiest way to eat out in Ireland and stay keto is to act celiac - Ireland isn't really up there with the keto dieting and mentioning it in restaurants tends to create confusion and frustration..

Now I don't like to make a big deal so generally I would go for salads in restaurants, chicken wings (risking the sauce) and just put the items I don't eat to the side. Keto isn't an allergen like dairy or gluten it's a choice, so I don't feel like restaurants should have to be educated in it..

McDonald's I love! A lot of my keto journey started when I worked there. I was entitled to a free meal a day.. And as a minimum wage worker I felt it my God given right to eat that free meal. I'm pretty sure my colleagues were all a bit confused when I ordered my first big Mac no bun.. But it quickly became an everyday thing!

McDonald's burgers - at least in Ireland and most of Europe are 100% beef.. No nasty wheat added in or other oddities.. They're grilled in their own fat and a bit of seasoning nothing really extra added there either.

Ketowise they're pretty great!

The other thing you might not know is you don't have to have fries with your meal - a side salad is perfectly acceptable!

You can of course order other burgers with no bun there but I find the Big Mac most satisfying because you get the most lettuce and onion etc in the box with it (: add a side salad and you've got a pretty nice Big Mac salad!

I make this pretty regularly at home with minced meat (:

OK so the parmesan might be overkill... But as I say when it comes to food.. When in doubt be extra...

Anyway! Some of the other options for you in McDonald's are a grilled chicken salad. Now I love chicken but I've never really went for this one myself.. I think once you've seen this chicken defrosted and grilled in its little blue bag and wrestled the slimey thing out of its bah you kinda lose a taste for it.... (If only I could get the same image in my head re the chicken nuggets 😅😅)

McDonald's salad is generally mixed leaves whatever seasonal ones they're getting in with three slices of cucumber 3 tomatoes and then your choice of dressing and protein.. In case you haven't seen one..

Drinks wise I wouldn't expect McDonald's staff to be able do you any flavours re cream instead of milk etc. The only cream I ever saw in McDonald's was the big bag of ice cream going into the machine and the whipped cream from the cans that tops the frappes - not keto friendly! So a straight black coffee or water are your choices here! ( Unless you allow fizzy drinks then work away on the diets)

Aside from In N' out in the USA, I have found McDonald's the easiest fast food place to eat out in, the ordering kiosks have lots of options to take stuff off and put stuff on burgers, and it avoids confusing the people at the tills!

Otherwise most McDonald's will accommodate you pretty well especially if you say you're celiac!



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