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Mid October goals

So this month I didn't set goals.

My boyfriend was here for the start of the month and I really wanted to just relax into that! So I guess maybe that was my goal? #missionaccomplished but now that he's gone back Ive decided it's time to do some goal setting!

I'm a firm believer in goal setting at any time, you don't need a new month, a new week or a new year... I actually think having a deadline is the better way to set goals.


Deadline: December 21st

Days to go: 60


- Weigh in less

Why: i have an unhealthy relationship with the weighing scales, it's something that happens a lot of people who have experienced large weight loss. I know myself the scales aren't a good measure of success particularly towards the end of a journey. So my goal is to try keep the scales to every second week (at most) and aim for more pics and measurements

- Pull ups and Push ups/chest strength

Why: Because the first thing I learnt in my personal training course was that my chest is a lot Weaker than the rest of my body.. When asked what I can leg press I'm like 374lbs...

"Great! And what can you bench ? "

" - the bar "

No word of a lie right there.. I struggle with the bar. Now I know I'll never have the same strength In my chest as I do legs but... I'd like to bench more than.. The bar itself... So on that note I want to be able to do full push ups for a minute 😀 Also despite being quite strong back wise I do struggle to do an unassisted pull up. So that's what's gonna happen!

- Use up beauty products:

Why? this one is a non fitness goal and more of a savings one - a gal needs money for California.. So the aim is not to buy any beauty products unless there is none left in the house. Every bath set ever recieved is going to be used up! Moisturiser!

The mascara that ain't waterproof... The foundation thats a little oily.. It's all gotta go before I buy more (sweats nervously)

Food tracking!:

It's time to get back to basics. It's so easy to fall into habits and assume your Macros are still adding up ok but you'd be amazed what gradually starts to slip through the cracks so from today? Everything is going into myfitnesspal tracker - some people use carb manager but I find its not optimised for European food labeling like my fitness pal is!

Running - Last month I decided challenge myself to do the exercises I hate a couple weeks into Ive already decided one of my big goals of next year is to do a marathon! I only want to do it once! But I want to be able to say I've done it! So in terms of cardio running is going to be my priority once I clear this nasty sinus/chest infection thingy

Food Prep and use! - I am terrible for throwing food into the freezer and forgetting it's there! So my first big project this week is to sort out the freezer, throw out whats too old and start using what's there! After that I need to start picking a couple evenings to food prep a couple days at a time. I see lots of people food prepping for the full week, but coming from a background of working with food and dealing with the food safety authority.. I'm a little weary about leaving most foods in the fridge more than a couple days!

Be Money efficient!

Why? Well as I said a gal needs money for California! So I'm hoping doing more meal prep and planning will allow me to save a bit on the food shopping! But aside from that I think it's time to stop buying clothes for my new size! There's a good chance I'll have dropped more by December / January.. The more money I sage now the more I have to spend when I inevitably get lost in target or kohls 👻

Personal development

Why? Well I've spoke about the dynamic of my long distance relationship changing due to new work patterns, and I promised I would use this spare time for self development. So my aims over the next two months are to read two personal development books (I'm really open to suggestions If anyone has some) and to split my free time (after workouts) into study time for my PT course and working on recipes for this blog. (: *thinks fondly of the YouTube channel i've always dreamed of starting*

So is that all too much of a tall order? I don't think so... I like to push myself and the more Ive lost weight the more I've learned to focus on the non scale goals and the rest will follow. I want more from life than working a minimum wage job and I believe these are all little steps to getting what I want!

So watch this space for a review of how it all Pans out - I hope to write it while jetting across the Atlantic for Christmas ;)

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