• Leanne M.

Moving house - Virtually

So if you've been following me a little while you may have noticed I moved home... or well my blog did.

Nobody want's to live in a house they don't feel connected with, and I didn't feel connected with squarespace. Frankly it's not a good fit for a recipe centred blog.

When I first started looking into building a site I did some research and it looked like squarespace was the solution. Many described it as a drag and drop style site - GREAT ill take that and some extra that please. **Whispers** its not a drag and drop situation...

So if you've ever thought about starting a site be it for blog purpose or other I would definitely make it your business to form your own opinions and not make a decision based on what other people are using or saying about other services.

Take your time and play with the free trials on all of them, squarespace, wix, wordpress and whatever else is out there until you find something that connects with you.

It might seem time consuming but lemme tell you, copying and pasting all your previous posts from an old site to a new one ? - That's time consuming.

It's also heartbreaking to see your page views plummet and recipes with 1000's of views go down to like 10 views on your new site. **sigh**

Anyway, if you're reading this, thanks for joining me in my new home! I hope my URL's redirected you here safely and without too much grief **sweats nervously in the corner**



Dont blame butter for what the bread did