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Ms.. Mr.. Dr..

If you've been on Twitter lately I bet you can guess where this is going..

This one's really divided the Internet...

And countless female scholars dashed to the woman's defence one who even lowered herself and called the air hostess a "trolley dolly".... 

Siobhans responsorial psalm to the naysayers who cried ego boost etc was this.. 

The classic cry - Sexism, it feels lately that many an injustice is being blamed on Sexism or racism.. 

Personally I agree with her on one thing  I don't think it would have happened if she was a man... thats because they'd have called her Sir or Mr instead.. 

Cabin crew aren't checking your ticket to see your honorific.. They're checking to make sure you're getting on the right plane, or checking your seat number to help guide you to your seat... Not to see whether you are doctor or commoner..  

Should cabin crew also check a woman's left ring finger to see if they should call her Miss or Mrs too?  - I think they've enough to be doing to ensure the plane takes off safely and on time.  

I have no doubt in my mind that male doctors board planes daily referred to as Sir or Mr ... And yet none of them feel the need to blast it in twitter.. 

To me this whole episode stinks of ego and self importance... That a female scholar feels it's right to defend a colleague by degrading another woman to the title of ' trolly dolly '  

Does gaining a PhD in philosophy make you more important that a flight attendant ? Or anybody else for the matter? 

My actual Doctor (my medical one) - I've gone to her / her partner my whole life... And while struggling with depression I spoke to her about my boss who was bullying me at the time... And she gave me some of the best advice I could have ever heard as a young adult in work industry. She told me that she wasn't any more important than I was. Whether she was a doctor or not. She wasn't more important than me nor I more important than her.. Nor was my boss more important or better than me.. That titles are simply titles. And To this day when I ring the doctors surgery to make an appointment I ring and ask "Is it Mr X or Ms X on today" - not once have they refused me medical treatment based on me not calling them a Dr. They are after all.. Just people the same as you or me.. 

Let's not turn this world into one of sensitive snowflakes. The world doesn't revolve around titles.. If you need your ego stroked it's a dish best done self served 

Oh and eh round of applause for all the Dr’s (male and female) who dont feel they need their title validated by cabin crew or anybody else for that matter.

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