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My long distance relationship

So I feel like the next few days is going to be a speed burst of me getting this blog fired up with introducing you to my life.. the personal side and not just the weight loss. 

At the moment I’m probably going through part 2 of the hardest part of LDRS which is post goodbye. - I’ll get back to that in a bit after you get the background on us. 

So My boyfriend Ryley is American. 

I’m Irish. 

And currently he lives in Northern California and I live in the south east of Ireland.  

We were together 3 years this Christmas and we try to visit as often as work / funds allow us.  

Sound crazy to you ? - welp yeah but I tried to push him away before and that just didn’t work for us..  

Why haven’t we closed the distance ? - you might have heard of the TV show 90 day fiancé ? - it’s a legit tv show for a reason... the USA is pretty tight on immigrants. What does that mean ? - we’d essentially have to get married to close our distance.  

I’ll definitely be following up with a blog post re all the research I’ve done about different American Visas because I’m sure someone out there is in a similar boat!  

Back to why I’m blogging 03.46 am... well I left San Francisco yesterday and despite not sleeping a wink on that plane or bus and feeling wrecked when I got to my 22nd hour of being awake... I fell asleep.. and woke up and hour later ... this was at 10pm ... I’ve since woken up every hour until it got to 2am where I started the whole I just can’t sleep process.  

So in the bones of the last two hours what have I accomplished

- crying - oh yes we will be blaming hay fever for EVERYTHiNG tomorrow.  

- annoying the hell out of my amazing boyfriend who must seriously have the patience of a SAINT. To be putting up with me.

Here’s a typical yo-yo of our conversation this morning “your strong”, “I’m not”, “but you are”, - you see why he’s a keeper ?  

-changing my Facebook profile picture and cover photo, because what else do you do when nobody is online because they’re reasonable people who sleep at night ...  

- Talking to my dog - also a saint or maybe just too derpy to care .. anyway I remembered how my 6th year religion teacher always said to get out of the bed and do something until you’re tired enough to be in it... “ sit, paw, roll over, belly scratch, hugs more paw” she’s tired but I’m surely not..  

- UPDATE YOUR DAMN BLOG GuRL. - see how many grammar and spelling errors you can make in one post when you’re technically exhausted but not really demonstrating symptoms of sleep.  

So yeah.  

From the heart tho, the hardest part of long distance relationships is the goodbye and the days which follow.  

For me the goodbyes have gotten steadily worse, to the point where yesterday was the first time I wanted to just turn and run back out of the airport. I get homesick coming ‘home’ - I always try to look forward to getting back to our normal, daily FaceTime / audio calls. But it doesn’t make it any less shit that yesterday you could Touch or as weird as it sounds smell your loved one and today they’re a whole world away.

For me that’s a hard pill to swallow.  

He always handles it better maybe it’s a guy thing but he also has an incredible support network of friends and close family.  

Whereas I come home to just my mom and a couple close friends.. I guess the Irish thing of being young is that you meet and make friends here and then before you know it they’re working in England / Australia / Dubai / Canada, and it’s hard to build steady friendships like that. 

If anybody has tips on what they do post visit in their  long distance relationship I’d love to hear them!  

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