• Leanne M.

My shredded cheese had potato starch in it... have I ruined my keto diet??


Well maybe. It depends.

If your goal is to stay in ketosis and you haven't consumed more than 20g of Carbohydrates. No you have not ruined your keto diet.

I've noticed lately a culture of people jumping on each others posts and calling people out for a food not being keto.

Ketosis. Is a metabolic state where your body runs out of glycogen stores and starts using fat for fuel / energy

Foods are not a metabolic state. Nor is a given food keto or not keto.

So why do people call foods a keto food? Because some people use it for medical reasons, they cut out inflammatory foods yadda yadda. Great for them! I'm all for people improving their well being by giving up green beans! I'm all for people improving their health in any form! Me personally? I love green beans and they're pretty damn good for you so I'll never go down that road ..

Once you eat under 20g of Carbohydrates per day you Stop your body from storing glycogen.. Keeping you in ketosis...

So regardless of weather your 20g of Carbohydrates come from cauliflower. A bar of chocolate or a slice of pizza. You're gonna stay in ketosis!

Is a slice of pizza an ideal way to use up all your Carbs for the day? Nope. Not really but if one slice of pizza satisfies a craving and you can stay in ketosis? Why not! You've got to live sometimes!

Negligible amounts of sugar and starches in foods are not going to kick you out of ketosis. As long as you stay within your allowance.

Keto for medical reasons? Completely different ball game! You just gotta do whatever it is your told to do!

But for pure weightloss or just enjoying the lifestyle! Chill 👻


Dont blame butter for what the bread did