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Non-Scale Victories


Today I wanted to stop for a minute and celebrate the non scale victories of a weight loss journey 

The first photos are of me when I left college ... I had given up taekwondo and horse riding to study and be a good child basically. It was when I first started gaining weight. 

What I’ve since realised was that I always had a crap diet. I was just so active it never showed up on my body. 

Gaining weight has thought me so much.

If I had never gained weight I would never have learned to nourish my body ... with good food.

I would never have learned the difference between a good calorie and a bad calorie. Or that weight loss isn’t as simple as just following a 1200 calorie diet. Or replacing two meals a day with a shake.  

That is one of my biggest non scale victories.

In these first photos I was on really strong anti depressants. I was on them through all the weight I gained. What have I learned since ? Exercise. Exercise is the greatest anti depressant - Currently I am on No medication. And my mind is healthier than it has been since I left school.

This is one of my biggest non scale victories.

Contraceptives - this is a good one, I was on implanon when I gained weight.... and I blamed implanon for me gaining weight.... Let’s just get this straight, Implanon did not make me fat. Not moving enough and a 50% discount when you order more than €30 at dominos made me fat. Contraceptives don’t make you eat more, you decide to eat more because you want an excuse to eat more. 

You know what happened when I got the implanon out ? - I didn’t lose weight. Because I was still eating the same.  

I thought oh god I’ll never be able to be on contraceptives again  

Currently I am on the Depo shot - I looked up reviews of it before I started and saw some classic tales of how it made people fat... I am currently loosing weight on Depo.  

In these first few photos.. I was convinced the problem with clothes was penny’s/primarks sizing being bad. I couldn’t fit into their jeans at all - it was definitely the jeans fault ... 

In the last photos I am wearing a penny’s uk size 4/ USA 0 tshirt and size 10 jeans.

Realising it was me not the clothes ? These are my non scale victories

And the final picture is me last night standing in the mirror in the dress I had to be squeezed into for my school graduation because I had started to gain a couple pounds during my leaving cert. it’s now a slightly loose fit.

Finding that dress last night and having the courage to zip it up. This is a non scale Victory.

And honestly I could go on and on about what’s improved in my life. Because I got fat, I learned things I never would have learned.

So my message for the day ? wherever you are in your journey accept that it is just part of your journey. It’s happening for a reason.

And I would love to hear some of your Non scales victories.

Because if I was to base how I felt off what I weigh currently? Off of a so called BMI ? I would be miserable. So instead it’s all about these little things that mean so much more.

Because let’s face it. Unless you need to weigh a set amount for a weight category.

No guy is going to look you up and down in a bar and think yeah ... she looks under 120lbs I think I’ll date her ... 

Your weight does not define you; Or matter 🙏

Happy fricking Friday wonder women 💪💪

Also shameless insta plug @coffeethenbacon ☝️

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