• Leanne M.

Peanut butter cookies

This recipe is one of the handiest treats I've come across, especially for a peanut butter lover! Plus they're low carb, gluten and dairy free! 


  • 1 Cup peanut butter 233g (as natural of a peanut butter as you can get and unsweetened!)

  • 4tsps of Stevia 

  • 1 Egg  

  • 1.5tsps of vanilla essence

  • 1/4 cup sugar free dark chocolate chips ( I use freeist)  


  1. Literally mix everything into a bowl! I felt like it took ages for this to come together to look like any form of dough I was getting frustrated with it and then  I feel like I turned my back on it to go chase my dog (who had a bottle of vanilla essence in her mouth 😒) and when I got back it looked perfect so leave it to settle for about 10 minutes.  

  2. Divide into 10 balls and flatten down on the tray! I cook on Silicon mats it makes the job much easier ( I use china's finest cheapskate ones)  

  3. I put a criss cross on the tops with a fork  

  4. I cook these pretty low at 175 Celsius (350F) for about 15-18 minutes  

  5. Leave to cool down they'll crumble apart if you try eat them hot! (I can never resist trying to eat them hot)  

Macros (per cookie) 

  • 125 calories 

  • 1.5g net Carbs  

  • 10.8g Fat

  • 6g Protein 

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Dont blame butter for what the bread did