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Pigs in blankets (gluten free, keto and paleo)

It's time to start thinking about that Christmas finger food, me personally? I don't like most Christmas dinners... When I think of Christmas dinner I think of a lot of bland steamed veg and boring roast meats ( it's never been my thing) and yes I have been rude enough to bring my own bits for dinner or to sit their only eating the garlic potatoes 😅

But finger food? Jalepeno poppers? Pigs in blankets? Mozzarella dippers? Those are my kind of Christmas 😋

So pigs in a blanket!

The only special equipment you'll need here is a rolling pin.

Ingredients: (dough)

• Ground Almonds (100g)

• Coconut flour (25g)

• Seasonings - 1/2tsp of each: ground coriander, onion powder, salt, garlic, marjoram and paprika.

• Baking powder 1.5tsp

• xanthan Gum 2 tsp ( this really is non negotiable see explanation here )

• Egg 1

• Apple Cider vinegar 2tsp

• Water 4-6tsp ( this varies so add gradually)


1) Whisk all your dry ingredients together! ( If you're using almond meal that isn't fine you might be best doing this in a blender to grind it down more!)

2) Mix in the apple cider vinegar, do is as fast as possible to get the best spread, and then mix in your egg.

3) Add in the water 1tsp at a time this is where you have to use your best judgement, sometimes I've had to go as far as 6tsp to form a dough but most of the time I stop at 4! 4) So just do it gradually until your dough is able to form a ball.

5) Put the dough into a freezer bag and knead it for a couple of minutes

6) Roll it out as thin as possible

7) Cut your hotdogs into three smaller dogs

8) Lay hotdogs out onto your dough and cut into squares allowing enough dough to wrap around each hotdog thoroughly

9) Bake in oven At 200c/390f for 15-20 minutes or until golden brown

Macros: Recipe yields about 20 pigs in blankets macros are per pig



Net Carb: 0.6g

Protein: 2.9g

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