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Pizza Quickie ( Keto, dairy and gluten free dough)

I came home from work absolutely gagging for pizza.. the plan was a really nice good old fashioned yeast driven pizza.. within 2 minutes of getting in the door and greeting the doggos these notions had become just that, pure notions. But what if I could make a base that could be fried off to cook batches of ... and then just had to throw toppings on and stick under the grill ? A star was born.

This recipe yields two gluten and dairy free personal sized pizza bases!

Ingredients: (dough)

• Ground Almonds (100g)

• Coconut flour (25g)

• optional seasonings - 1/2tsp of each: turmeric, salt, garlic, rosemary and oregano

• Baking powder 1.5tsp

• xanthan Gum 2 tsp ( this really is non negotiable see explanation here )

• Egg 1

• Apple Cider vinegar 2tsp

• Water 4-6tsp ( this varies so add gradually)


For some good old fashioned pizza sauces see here

My fridge was particularly understocked as far as pizza toppings go hence the hotdog pizza was born... but feel free to go wild here if I had everything to hand it’d be a pretty meaty garlic and jalapeno affair .. 😅


  1. Whisk all your dry ingredients together! ( If you're using almond meal that isn't fine you might be best doing this in a blender to grind it down more!)

  2. Mix in the apple cider vinegar, do is as fast as possible to get the best spread, and then mix in your egg.

  3. Add in the water 1tsp at a time this is where you have to use your best judgement, sometimes I've had to go as far as 6tsp to form a dough but most of the time I stop at 4! So just do it gradually until your dough is able to form a ball.

  4. Place the dough ball into a freezer bag and knead it for a couple of minutes

  5. Cut in half and put half of the dough in the fridge! It lasts about 3 days and you can use it to make another pizza base later

  6. Roll out your dough into a much tidier circle than I have in my picture!

  7. Fry it on a frying pan in an oil of your choice. Once brown flipping to do the other side

  8. Add your sauce and toppings and stick it under the grill to cook off. This only took a couple minutes for me but it depends on your topping choices!

Macro wise this is a treat! Frankly I always felt the fathead dough was a little too.. Fatty. Don't get me wrong fat is great but this is a little lighter on the stomach!

Per pizza: assuming you made 2 pizzas


Carbs 7.5g

Protein 15g

Fat 27g

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