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Quitting Fizzy Drinks (Sodas) Day 1.

So one of the first things I did when I went Keto was I gave up sugery drinks.. unfortunatly I replaced them with things like ... Diet Monster and pepsi max..

I'm sure people would find it weird for me to say I'm addicted to fizzy drinks - people get addicted to things like cocaine and vodka.. not Diet Dr Pepper.. but for me thats reality.. they've become a back up for when I feel like something sweet or I want something bad.

Now for anybody wanting to give up Diet monster (now for me the blue can was my go to) probably the most expensive way to do it is to take a lengthy trip to America.. because I shit you not that stuff tastes terrible over there. Now if you're in the States and you're addicted to Blue Monster - I honestly have no words. I will never forget the first time I walked into CVS - I had done an 11 hour flight and was just dying for that cut of cold Monster. It honestly tasted like slightly sweetened seltzer water... Baking soda water maybe - you know that stuff Irish Grannies make you drink when you've a sick stomach...  I anxiously tried the other flavours but none of them quite grabbed my heart - the black cherry one was alright. So yeah there's your expensive method!!

Luckily for me I fly to California a couple times a year so after battling with giving it up all through the winter/spring I finally decided to just leave it until I went over there .. and I did and I had absolutely no desire to lift a can out of a fridge.. My only problem now was that I was drinking other fizzy alternatives ... But hey I'm on holidays I'll tackle that mountain when I get home.

I get home and im flying through Pepsi Max / club orange / the occasional diet red bull.. when I think god this needs to stop - LOOK AT HOW MUCH MONEY IM SPENDING ON ASPARTAME.

This was Saturday.. It is now Monday - and isnt monday the day to accomplish new things ? Cold turkey it is ....

So what's the plan of action? Water .. so much water ... I do have some water inhancers on hand incase cravings get bad... My ones were brought back from california - Mio and cheaper versions of Mio - But in europe you can get some nice ones - healthiest ones are Stur drinks and less healthier but will help you give up fizzy drinks... - Myprotein.com

Other things I'll be trying ? - Kombucha its a little carby but not hugely and still gives that fizzy hit..

Runa - If you havent tried this tea it's amazing - I honestly havent looked into trying to get it outside of the states but it is on Amazon over there! It's an amazonian tea that gives you the caffeine release slowly for longer energy ! It's super good for you and made from Guayusa - look it up! I'm hoping this will stop me hitting caffeine withdrawels too hard.

I'm also going to do some reasearch into the harmful effects of soda - no motivation like scare tactics right ? Day 1 - Wish me luck guys!

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