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September goals

It does not seem like that long since I posted my august goals and it's been a hell of an interesting month.  

I hit some of the boxes, drank more water, saved money, and I stopped picking at bits here and there. I did run into some stomach problems which sent me off the diet track. Currently waiting to go for food allergy tests but at the moment gluten is the suspect.

And giving it up completely sent me a little off track.  Honestly doing keto / low carb I would have assumed I would be pretty much gluten free. What I didn't realise is how many products have wheat added in, sausages burgers, soya sauce, Worcester sauce, some of the big ones. So that's been a learning curb! And I lost 6lbs in the process! Now on to September goals! 

So I'm starting my course in personal training near the end of the month so I felt some goals would reflect my weaknesses that I want to improve for that! You see pull ups and push ups were never my strong point so I always neglected them! Now what kind of example would I be setting as a trainer who does that?

So goal number 1

  • Push ups every day and work towards pull ups. 

One of my other big fitness goals is flexibility when I did taekwondo I was so much more flexible! So if I can do the splits once I can do them again!

Goal number 2?  

  • Stretch towards the splits  

Food time! - what would goals be without food ones and I haven't been perfect this summer! So September is pinned to be my food perfect month.

Goal number 3? 

  • Keto perfect days - go back to basics and keep to the book  

And the last main goal is linked to this blog. Posting consistently - blog and instagram the summer was hectic work sent me off diet and exercise track and diet track - I guess that made it harder to post.

So goal number 4

  • Post consistently on my blog and instagram account. 

So thats the basics. Let's see how it goes! Happy september guys

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