• Leanne M.

Step away from the cocaine of the diet world

I literally get approached every day on instagram. By people who want me to sell their products. Some are fab - shout out to Just strong clothing! HOWEVER. 

The one thing I will never, ever sell to you is diet supplements/ shakes whatever you want to call them - and that’s what I mostly get approached about.  

I’ll admit it I’m guilty. I used to sling juice plus but then at the same time I was convinced I was about 2 stone lighter than I was... and that the products would fix my life problems in 4 months.

Realistically the diet sold by the juice plus reps is actually what’s doing the work. And I’m sorry but €50 - €120 is a lot to pay a month for a gluten and dairy free diet. so that in a nutshell is why I stepped away from them. 

So while I was still delusional I pretty much tried everything else that was out there. Herbalife, itworks wraps, Weightloss tea, weight loss coffee, raspberry ketones, - drinking aloe Vera (whateven) honestly the Herbalife shakes made me sick to my stomach. I kept searching for this miracle product. And yeah I lost weight... but I always gained it back.... if I hadn’t gained all of it back I’d probably be at my target right now... 

All these methods have one thing in common - someone is making money off your poor diet.   

Thats why I kept trying to find the right company’s products to sell for diets.. everybody wants a miracle..  

and that’s why going forward the only supplements I might recommend would be actual vitamins and minerals that I sometimes find necessary.  

There is no miracle cure guys.  

Keep your money in your wallets there is so many more nice things you can do with that cash.  

Rant out!!!  Go get yourselves some unprocessed healthy natural fooods 😍

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