• Leanne M.

Stuffed Battered Mushrooms

Ingredients for Mushrooms:



•Sausage meat

•Garlic (I use 3 cloves)


•Onion Powder


•Pink Himalayan salt

(All of the above are at your own discretion - how many mushrooms you want to make and how flavoursome you like it)

Batter ingredients:

•Parmesan (4 tablespoons)

•Almond flour (8 tablespoons)

•Eggs (4)

•Water (2 tablespoons)


  1. Cook your sausage meat and spices (excluding garlic)  - heat pan on a low heat - I use avacado oil but it’s completely up to you, - cook until fully brown.

  2. While the sausage cools, wash and prepare mushrooms by removing the stems.

  3. Put the sausage, garlic and  in the blender, -this is a good time to taste your sausage and add any additional spices / herbs, blitz in the blender until  you have a fine slightly crumbly mix.

  4. Stuff your mushrooms as generously as you like.

  5. Time to make the batter - add all batter ingredients into a bowl and whisk ( make sure the Parmesan is very finely grated)

  6. You’re good to go! Dip your mushrooms in the batter and place on the oven tray (I always cook on silicon mats) *there is potential to deep fry these I’m just a boring oven person *

  7. Cook for 25-30 minutes at 190c or 375F

  8. Once golden brown, ENJOY

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