• Leanne M.

The benefits to a long distance relationship - whut?

Long distance / online relationships kinda get a bad rep. And sure I could go on about how bad it is. That it's hard, because yes, it is hard.

But I like to try and see the good in everything and the thing is there are also so many lessons you can take from a long distance relationship.. as well as some perks, like not having to shave your legs as much in the winter... 🤷‍♀️

Here are some of the perks and things I've learned from my long distance relationship!

More time to be your own independent person.

I think it's really easy to get caught up in a relationship and lose part of who you are. You adopt some of their habits and hobbies, their friends and sometimes you leave some of your own. Sometimes we don't notice ourselves do it until the relationship ends. Before I met my ex I was super active, into sports, music, art, some technology, and I was confident in who I was. As the relationship went on I became very inactive.. Stopped working with horses, stopped taekwondo, sold my clarinet.. And ended up playing a lot more computer games instead. Weight piled on and I didn't really notice because I had always seen myself as big.. I became less confident. By the time the relationship ended I moved home a shell of who I was. While in my long distance relationship I've gradually found myself again. It's made me realise it's healthy to have time to work on your own activities. As it is me and my boyfriend have a lot in common but enough that's different to keep us interesting.

And almost 4 years into that aside from setting time aside to talk to each other and facetime we still get to do our own thing! Distance teaches you to be independent and do your own thing.

You learn more about each other than typical couples

It's quite common to see long distance couples 'rush' into things and maybe some do, it's a hard thing living with distance but the thing is when your relationship relies heavily on communicating you do communicate a lot more than a standard couple.

A regular everyday couple have the luxury of going to dinner or a movie for a date and during that time they might not necessarily talk a lot.

But for a long distance couple.. Your dates are done over video or audio chat... So you've kinda got talk to avoid it being redundant. Sure we play games together online and such but still throughout that we're constantly talking. There's very little we don't know about each other.

More time for friends and family.

A lot of the time we get into a relationship, friendships can fall by the wayside - it shouldn't happen but it does, and I think girls can be the most guilty of this. Seeing your significant other gets prioritised and gradually you see less and less of those around you.

If you're in a serious relationship chances are you're going to spend a lot of time with that person as time goes on. But grandparents and parents won't be there forever. Being in a long distance relationship allows you to spend invaluable time with them that you might not have in a typical relationship!

And then there's the small perks

Keeping up appearences

I know I know ladies shouldn't dress themselves up to please someone else. I don't dress myself up to please anybody. But I like to feel prettier when I'm around him or going out with friends . And as the relationship has went on I've felt less and less of a desire to wear make up in day to day life ( saves some serious cash too)

Shaving and waxing, legs underarms whatever it is you do... When it can't be seen in the winter and we aren't visiting I ain't waxing it!

Even when it comes to doing my hair! Instead of styling I French plait it a lot more and it gets a lot less heat damage for it.. (Winning) I also leave it a bit longer between dying it 🤷‍♀️

Probably one of the biggest benefits though?


When you don't get to see the person you love everyday or even every week... You learn to really appreciate the times you do get together. You don't take it for granted. When we're together we cram so much into our days, we really make the most of it. Typically on nights I work late I complain about not having time to do anything... And I go to bed... Yet when I work late during a visit we could be up for hours after.. Cheffing and doing the little things. We use all the time we get.

So there's some of the positive sides I've found to long distance love! Just to show that It's not all negative, of course these don't make up for how much you miss each other... How Airports become the happiest and saddest places in the world... How generally hard it is...

I'd love to hear your own experiences too the positive and negative.. Feel free to connect on instagram @coffeethenbacon or @xfeetdontfailmenow (:



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