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The popes visit to Ireland

I felt like I’d let the dust settle before picking up the pen on this one..  and I’m sure I’m going to get a lot of mixed feedback on this but here goes.  

" to hate is human, to forgive is divine "

And isn't that what a lot of his visit centered around? Forgiveness.  

I'll be honest much like a lot of young irish people  I was brought up in the Catholic Church.. but it's not something I actively participate in. 

But also like a lot of young irish people I've grown up watching the church here be unveiled. The child abuse revealed. The sad tale of the babies buried in septic tanks in Tanks. The truth of the mother and baby homes. The horror Stories of the 8th amendment. So can you blame them? Can you blame people for being human and hating? 

But with any thing I experience whether it's the Pope or going to Disneyland I try to enter it with no expectations because I believe that's the best way to come out with an unbiased experience

So here's where I disagree with the protests... To which we know the Pope hasn't been involved in neither the child abuse or septic tanks. And before people gave him a chance to come here and have his say on the matter. They were already protesting. Since when do we become hateful enough to not want to even hear an apology? 

Protests over the cost of the visit? - Yes. I will agree with that. Irish tax payers are already being squeezed tight enough without funding a 32million euro visit from the Pope. Yes the church paid some of it.. But the state contributed about 20 - yikes 

So aside from smiling and waving - what did the Pope achieve in Ireland? 

Well he met with the faces of the abuse and mistreatment. Spent about 90 minutes talking to them. - some might say thats not enough..

But the man is only human and I can't imagine how hard that must have been. He said that those who abuse are 'caca' - translation, literally filth as one sees in the toilet. The Pope said they were shit in the nicest way possible.  

He acknowledged Tuam and promised to study the report on it at home.  

He said the right things - but let's face it before the visit people had already decided they wouldn't forgive so for them nothing would have done enough. 

Me personally Im still disgusted by the things the church has done in Ireland. I know nothing that anybody says can take the pain away from those who suffered at its hands. But we should look forward not back. And hope that what was spoke of  during his visit..  presents itself in action. Prevents future repeat offences. And allows some healing?

As I said you won't catch me at the foot of the alter on a Sunday morning. 

But I bet the Ireland of old never would have thought they'd see the Pope sat beside our Gay Taoiseach. If nothing else can be taken from this visit.. Then let's take that photo  of the head of the church sitting beside a symbol of Irelands willingness to accept change as the churches own willingness to progress. 

Yes there was some controversial remarks made on the flight home - perhaps some lost in translation re kids being able to get psychiatric help for homosexuality - but it being different when it presents in adults. There's definitely some digging to be done on what was done there. To me I would think kids are impressionable and those traits may be just that of watching TV and not who they are set to become. It really depends. Some kids grow into it and I guess some grow out. But we will wait for more news on that. 

Anyway when all is said and done I think it's time to run with the positives. Not to hate buy to hope for better things to come from the churches influence here.  

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