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What nobody tells you before losing a lot of weight.

1) People won't actually notice.

When you've 60-100lbs to lose a lot of people won't see it. That first 30lbs you lost might seem huge to you.. (AND IT IS)!! People don't notice that kind of change as much as you'd think. In fact it was only when I hit 70lbs that people really started noticing and I dare say 80lbs when they REALLY noticed. Now daily I'm asked did I lose weight and when I say over 6 stone / 90lbs they're astonished that I was that big to begin with!

2) People will be friendlier

Yes. Losing weight shows you a whole new side to body / fat shaming. I've worked in the same place for over a year. I see the same people daily if not weekly. The amount of these people who have only started to acknowledge me and make conversation in the last 20lbs that I've gotten smaller is shocking. It makes you realise that theres a whole level of fat shaming that's unspoken of. And no this isnt aimed predominantly at men. Women do it too. So be prepared for people making more conversation with you, holding doors open or just dropping a random smile.

3) It's colder

Yep. You're way more sensitive to the cold. I thought the weather temperature was dropping rapidly here this autumn but then I'd look at the thermometer and couldn't understand why I was cold. A couple people told me I must be coming down with something like the flu. It wasn't until my mam was duvet shopping with me ( I desperately wanted a higher tog duvet for warmth) that she pointed out I was 90lbs lighter so of course I'm more sensitive to temperature change than I was a year ago. Questioned a few people in various keto groups on Facebook and turns out it's pretty common to feel cold after loosing weight. So get used to keeping a spare hoody with you. Scientifically speaking it's because your thyroid hormones drop when you lose weight.

4) You shouldn't lose anymore weight

This is the most random one I've experienced. So I'm still about 15-20lbs from a healthy BMI (my own personal goal is about 10lbs) but from around the time I still had 30lbs+ to lose people had started to tell me I had lost enough. Now some people will do it with good intention, think it as a compliment. But some just don't want to see you actually succeed. Some don't want you to reach their goals.. Why? Jealousy..? - mostly. To make themselves feel better about their own weight. To justify that they aren't doing better. So trust your own instincts, don't stop until you're happy with your body.

5) Replacing a wardrobe is expensive (and you'll have to replace the whole damn thing)

Let me just say straight off there is very little point in keeping clothes that you bought that don't fit you. I did this (particularly with jeans) and they never actually ended up fitting. When they eventually went up my legs they were too big on the waist. So In the space of the last year I'd say I've gone through two phases of buying clothes. Clothes that flat out covered the odd ends and bumps of fat. Because Even tho I was losing weight I still didn't feel comfortable in overly tight clothes. Luckily for me it was winter so tracksuits and jumpers were easy options to live in. But by early summer I was pretty much all out of clothes. I had to buy everything fresh. And now coming into autumn Ive realised I'm once again low on clothes. So here's an idea. For every junk meal you turn down on your journey put the money into savings you'll need it to buy a new wardrobe.

So there you go the 5 things that for me were a surprising side effect of losing a lot of weight.

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