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What you didn't know about changing your wardrobe

So I was just putting clothes on the clothes-horse tonight to dry and it occurred to me that I could fit so much more on it.. And it got me thinking about all the little things that have been different from changing my wardrobe due to weight loss! 

  1. Packing a suitcase  - this is a job that just got 100 times easier! Two main reasons, uno - previously I was so conscious about how fat i looked I had to have back up outfits and back ups for my back up outfits, that generally meant packing a lot of extra clothes a lot of which I wouldn’t even wear. Annnnnd then there’s the fact that your clothes simply fit into a suitcase better, duh they're smaller! 

  2. Doing the washing -  yeah more clothes in the fitting in the machine = less rounds of washing to do! That does mean folding more clothes at once.. Which is the part I hate... But at least you get it all done at once? 

  3. Shopping is easier -  forreal for me shop dressing rooms used to be the thing of horror stories.. Some in particular.. TKmax for example with their mirror on every wall. Who really wants to see every angle of their body no matter which direction they turn anyway? Something looks bad and you can't turn away from the mirror without looking in another one - these types of dressing rooms are largely for the booty confident.. So this lead to me being afraid to try things on in shops and just buying things hoping they'd fit. Now I enjoy the opportunity of a full length mirror to take a selfie/ progress pic.. Still not too into the tkmax ones tho.... 

  4. Getting dressed - I've already touched on this but its a lot easier to get dressed when everything you own actually fits. You literally get up and put 2+2 together and = dressed  that's pretty much all there is to that! Say hello to jumping out of bed and leaving the house in under half an hour (messy bun no make up obvi) 

  5. You need so many types of clothes (and that's expensive)  - I've flown to California twice over the last year and just booked another return true for Christmas... And I honestly feel like I've spent more money replacing clothes.. Now I tried to keep it minimal.. I replaced as little as possible at first because I knew I'd have so much more to lose. In may I pretty much threw out all my winter clothes even the new ones I got in January. I bought lots of tshirts and gym wear in California and already some of the shirts and underwear are too big. Aside from that as the weather turned colder and I found myself wearing gym wear and ugly hoodies / my remaining now very oversized hoodies to work.. Formal winter wear / dressy causal winter wear - I have none of it so that's the current shopping list. Replacing wardrobes are expensive and take a while but I highly recommend throwing out anything that doesn't fit you'll feel so good in your new clothes 

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