• Leanne M.

When your body starts changing?

It’s only recently people have really started to see a difference in my weight.  

I remember loosing the first stone I was constantly hoping that someone would notice I had lost weight, I remember sitting in bed thinking why wasn’t Anybody noticing is there much point ?

My aunt Pointed out you don’t really notice until the second stone... so I battled on 3 stone ... again I was told it’s only really when you get into the second half of the third stone that the real differences are made. 4 stone. And a couple people started to say I looked slimmer. Just a little slimmer.  

But here’s the weirdest part the fifth stone. I really started exercising hard during the fifth stone. Suddenly Everybody started telling me I had lost so much weight. I would see  the same people a few weeks a part and maybe only have lost a pound but they were seeing a massive difference.. I couldn’t understand it because the pounds had truly slowed down.

The first four stone I hadn’t properly dropped a jean size, tshirt sizes yep, jeans not at all. And I’d had these same few pairs to try on the whole way through this process they wernt going up my legs at all. I had given up trying them at this point... so I take out my measuring tape to see what differences I had made in this time of poor scales loss ..  38” over my whole body during this fifth stone of weight loss I had lost more inches in this time of stagnant scales than I did during the first few stone. So I try on the jeans ... too big. I had completely missed the window of when they would’ve fitted me.

Weight. Really means. Very. Little. 

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