• Leanne M.

Why everybody should have a doggo

Updated: Oct 18, 2018

Example A. - Buffy

The goofiest creature I could have ever imagined.

A German Shepherd with all the brains and cop on that comes with it but also with the grace of a house cat on roller skates. High. Housecat....

So today I dropped my American Bae off at the airport with some teary see you soons /cant wait for Christmas - not going to lie I'm pretty gutted this evening. These are the ultimate low days in a long distance relationship.

But I get home this afternoon and in all my misery I'm greeted by two doggos who are just beyond happy to see me. They look around me for himself and when they realise I'm alone go back to looking for all the attention.

I put them out in the garden and go on my cleaning / distraction rampage.

And it's not until a few hours later that I go out to bring in a bucket of coal that buffy comes over and drops her ball on my lap. So I turn and kick it for her and oh my God is she happy. And I realise in that moment I would give anything to make her happy. So the bucket of coal gets left aside while I end up playing soccer. Each time kicking the ball and seeing how happy she was I got a little bit closer until I eventually cracked a smile.. And smiled for a while. My dog in all her goofyness had made me forget my troubles for a bit. Me wanting to make her happy had given me a bit of my own back.

So yeah. I think everybody should have a dog. Because no matter how crappy of a day you're having they'll be there. And they'll love you. Unconditionally.



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