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Why I would never recommend juice plus to solve your weight loss goals

"Juice Plus+ - the next best thing to fruits and vegetables"

 Kinda a wide and swooping statement right? And I won't lie I too got swept up into the juice plus bubble when I was at a more desperate stage of my weight loss journey... And earning  money off promoting it was a nice plus side... 

Juice Plus makes several big claims. Though it only provides you with essential vitamins, minerals, and some plant compounds, it still promises some outstanding benefits. For instance:

  • Improves your heart health

  • Reduces stress and inflammation

  • Boosts your immune system

  • Improves your dental health

  • Improves your skin health

First off. I am the anti meal replacement gal. Unless you're running out the door and throwing a shake in a bottle seems quicker than say frying an egg or your recovering from a root canal or such.. then there is absolutely no reason for using a meal replacement shake... ESPECIALLY for weight loss.. If you're trying to lose weight there is a good chance  you need to learn one of the following...

  1. Portion control  

  2. Healthy Vrs unhealthy foods  

  3. Exercise  

  4. Macros

Replacing 1-2 meals a day with shakes ... Will not teach you any of these things. 

As for the juice plus shakes... with their 20g of Carbohydrates and 11g of sugar to the 12.7g of protein...2 meals of the day and you're already close to your recommended sugar intake and nowhere near your protein intake.  And really with their low protein amount they're no better for someone trying to bulk....

As for the capsules...


The products contain a handful of vitamins that can be got much cheaper and more plentiful in the form of a multi vitamin.

The Berry blend contains 40.9g of vitamin E

Fruit blend 70mg vitamin C, 42g vitamin E, 26% of your vitamin A, and 48% of your folic acid.

And the Vegatable blend 140% of your vitamin A 80% of your vitamin E 70% of your vitamin C and 70% of folic acid

That's 4 vitamins... For a whopping €70 or so per month?

When any cheap multi vitamin has so much more... Take this snap of centrum for women just as an example (not one I use) but just shows what's available out there for €10 or so in chemists and health food shops

Big difference huh? 

And to get both premium Capsules you're signing up to paying at least €117 (it's gone up in price since I had it) That's a lot of money to pay a month for a glorified multi vitamin and a sugary shake. 

There may be some merit here for health benefits but it's so debatable and it's at quite a high price and definitely not as a weight loss product... 

 "But I know loads of people lost weight with juice plus I've seen the before and after pictures " - Of course!! But have you seen the diet that goes with it? Lucky for you I have the lost of what not to eat on juice plus.

Sooooo yeah. Put anybody who eats a typically poor diet on this restrictive of a diet  and 2 shakes 2 snacks and 1 meal later a day... Yep they're going to start losing weight... 

So there rant over! Save yourself money and time and just eat well without these kinds of products (: 

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