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Wishing your life away for Friday? (TGIF)

Scrolling through Facebook this morning and I'm already seeing the influx of thank God it's Friday memes.  

And I take issue with them honestly... First off us weekend workers.. Well we don't quite share the sentiment..

However this post isn't about working weekends or not.. More so why do  we pin so much happiness on a day? 

I get it most of us don't like our jobs.. Some hate theirs.. But why do something you hate that much..?

Obvious answer number one... You have bills to pay..and your job is pretty decent at doing that. That's generally what jobs do. BUT.

Spending your day.. Spending 40 plus hours a week doing something you hate.. To pay bills to live in a house you barely see inside of... Is that living? 

I think I've always had a side of me that's entrepreneurial.. When I was broke in college I made jewellery that was popular at the time.. I guess you could say im the type who when I need something I'll figure out how to get it.

The summer I finished school I made 1500 in selling off old attic stuff.. My point here? Is when and if you need and want to make money you will do it.  

So why be in a job that makes you miserable. Take a dream and do what it takes to make it happen. Go back to college, start that part-time course, set up your blog or online business.  

My health journey has sent me in such interesting directions. September marks a new chapter in it. I start a part time course in personal training.

Did I crap myself when I paid the deposit and actually committed to it? Yes slightly.. But it's something I am passionate about, the idea of guiding someone through their journey makes me feel like I'm making a difference..

Whereas in my current day job I'm constantly selling people food that's bad for them.. Dealing with really entitled consumers

( post on entitled consumers to follow).

Anyway I do not want to spend my life in retail. So I'm going to do what it takes to be me... And to make Friday just another day that I get up and thank the world for having me in it. 

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