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Xanthan Gum - why it's great for keto cooking

So you might have noticed this one in some of my recipes and wondered what is this mysterious ingredient.. Is it necessary? So what is Xanthan Gum? Honestly it's like the secret weapon on a gluten free kitchen. The yin to your yang when it comes to keto friendly baking.

You see gluten free flours are pretty damn good. But quite technically different to ones that contain gluten.


Because gluten is what gives things like Pizza dough its elasticated feels! Picture your stereotypical pizza guy doing all sorts of handy tricks while working the dough. If you took a standard pizza dough recipe and just subbed in the gluten free flour in the exact same quantities as the original recipe... Well that pizza dough would more than likely end on his head... Because there's nothing binding it together!

Great! So why have I seen it in sauce recipes?

It's also an excellent thickening agent! It adds that kinda desirable texture that fat normally adds! Keto recipes can tend to already be high in fat so this is a nice way of thickening without adding extras!

How much should you use?

As a general rule of thumb

For baking cakes and cookies 1tsp for every cup of gluten free flour.

For breads and pizza 2tsp for every every cup of gluten free flour

For sauces, it works very fast so start with 1/2 a tsp, and move up from there sauces will thicken pretty fast with this stuff. Annnd Always stir in gradually to avoid clumping!

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